Friday, 13 April 2018


Ike and Kay: A Novel

 I was asked to review by Nudge readers.

This is a historical novel and based on fact, Ike and Kay are Dwight Eisenhower-who became 34th President of the united States and Kay Summersby- who joined the British Mechanised Transport Corps (MTC). She had driven an ambulance during the Blitz of 1940 and 41. When the United States joined the allies in December 1941, she was one of many MTC drivers assigned as chauffeurs to high-ranking American military officers.  Eisenhower at that time was Major General and Kay was assigned as his driver the following May.

 The author writes about this love affair - whether this was full blown sexual relationship one may never know -reading  her  autobiography, Past Forgetting: My Love Affair with Dwight D. Eisenhower dated 1975 just a year before she died of cancer there was no mention of a sexual relationship - but one could argue she may have been protecting "Ike" the author admits to the fact that no one knows the extent of this relationship and we may never know. What would we have done in this unpredictable time being place with people we would never have come across in peace time. Life was precarious Kay had witnessed this in the horrific Blitz. She proved her worth in becoming "Ike" secretary. She would have been privy to confidential war information and she would have been his confident.  

 The author has spent a great deal of time researching this period of history and readers will gain a great deal from the historical side as well as the romance. Whether they did or did not this was a different time. It is beautifully written and crafted.

I was aware of Kay Summersby and had read a little of her a long time ago, but this book has given me thought to read about both “Ike” and Kay.

Recommended read and can see this up in the top ten this summer- published March 2018.

Friday, 6 April 2018

Mystical Crime Novel

We Were the Salt of the Sea

I was asked to review this by Lovereading.

This book is just out in publication this April 2018.

Wow this book had such a mystical feel -but this is crime fiction and it certainly packs a punch it was atmospheric and that transferred to the authors very unique style of writing which worked so well.

Catherine Day finds herself in a remote fishing village in search of her mother - it appears the villagers do not like her mother. A female body is pulled from the water in a fisherman net who she recognises.  Thus begins an investigation led by Detective Sergeant Joaquin Morales having recently moved to the area. 

The author carefully introduces the main characters which has a bearing as the story cleverly unfolds. Then the pace quickens and the reader is taken into this close knit fishing village  and the problems of solving the death of the female.

The reader will be taken on a journey of questions, love and loss. You can close your eyes and feel the sea.

Recommended and will be up in the top ten very quickly a must read for 2018  

Beautiful get out there and see what is on your doorstep

 The Pull of the River: Tales of Escape and Adventure on Britain's Waterways

I was asked to review by Nudge. 

Having been born in the sixties, I witnessed the demise of rivers and canals, but also in the 90s and beyond witnessed a rebirth of both canals and rivers and I too now have had a love for both. This is a beautiful story of Matt and James who go on a journey in a homemade canoe.

 How many of us explore our back yard, and some would think rather silly in a canoe, yet this pair did- and what a story they had to tell- this is all within our reach in the UK. This was not a summer jaunt the pair wanted to explore in all seasons and witness all weathers. Brave but this was interesting.

This is a story of friendship, adventure and fantastic nature. This is the author's debut book.

I particularly enjoyed reading about the Thames as I spend a lot of time at Kew Bridge, but although I may enjoy a glass of wine overlooking Kew or Chiswick, I give very little thoughts to my surroundings and the very obvious river. Whilst finishing this book earlier this week the Severn and Avon rivers were about to peak dangerously due to the rain fall- it made me again think why have I never explored even on the foot paths.

The book made me think I should take this when out and about and when in areas that are described in this book read the chapter and get the sense of what Matt and James felt at that time.

The book is well researched with interesting facts of the places and waterways they visited. 

a marvellous find and for all Jerome K Jerome fans this another great book 

I am already thinking of who would love this book for Christmas.

Thank you Nudge for allowing me to review and thank you Matt Gaw for writing and inspiring me.

Thursday, 5 April 2018

Fun Regency Read

The Marriage Pact (Loving an Aldridge, #1)

I was asked to review by Inspired by Kathy 

What a fun read and even better this is book one - more to follow.

This fun regency novel takes you away every day life - James and Celia are good friends. James has been forewarned - that she maybe trying to trap him into marriage. There is influence from Celia mother and sister. He is still keen on her despite the warnings. But all is not plain sailing and are caught up in an "agreement" which may have been well meant at the beginning.
Good characters and lots of emotion, sex is touched on but this is not a romp but a good clean read.

I am seeking this author out and will keep any eye out for book 2.

Monday, 19 February 2018

Beautiful find

The Fish Ladder

I was asked to review by Nudge

Gosh how did I miss this - been published for 3 years.

What a find, so beautifully written by an author whose life has had it's ups and downs to say the least.

She goes on a journey with her daughter to follow a river from sea to the source.

extraordinary memoir/travel/nature with poetry in into the mix. This is about discovering ones self, motherhood and family life written with emotion but also with the beauty of nature.

So many aspects are woven into this story , I particularly liked the Celtic anecdotes and her time in Scotland camping - I could imagine these darn midges.

The author is on a quest to find her birth mother - which readers will find very moving.

An absolute compelling read from beginning to end.

This is the author's first book - what a debut- cannot wait to see what she writes next.

Friday, 16 February 2018

fun, mystery and romance

Apple Pie to Die For

I am always pleased when an email drops into my mail box from Sharon Kleve. I always know I am in for a fun and romantic well written read.

This time its a fun mystery story- only just over 100 pages - great to read in afternoon.

Marjorie who runs a bakery famous for her apple pies is portrayed as sweet as her apples- but there is more to this there is a secret - we all love secrets - readers will have to read the story to find out.

She starts to go out with a guy called Anderson who is a medical examiner - interesting to find out how this relationship pans out if there is another book in the series.

There is espionage, jealousy, all sorts of goings on, romance and a secret all in the pie mix.

A really enjoyable book. Thank you Sharon for asking me to review.

Cannot wait for the next book, by a great author.

Friday, 9 February 2018


What an apt book for me to review, I was asked to review by Nudge Readers.

This was so needed - I am always chasing my tail- perhaps I am trying to full time work part time) that's another story)

How do I spend my time? jumping from one aspect to another - which can be quite normal I am a Quality Governance Manager in a very busy NHS.

Reading this book has made me think just how I do spend my time, how do I do busy ( martyr me, I am the only one here late at night (well I am in my team) other leave on time etc etc. my bucket is always over flowing.

I have always wanted to meditate - but when have I got time to meditate I eat lunch at my desk- but I do have time for my home emails etc ( I freelance too)

There are so many practice sections and I have found them invaluable - sorting out my mind, being positive, don't buy into worries such as losing your job- readers you may become more ineffective.

I did like the section What a Superhero am I ? this was me to a T at work - in the end all that happens is I get more stressed - part of this is identifying and doing something about it.

This is well written, well researched there is a good section for further reading and useful resources for support.

light hearted, practical so give this a go take the time and become calm and composed.