Tuesday, 18 July 2017

A poweful ending to a great trilogy

Henry - Book Three of the Tudor Trilogy

I was asked to read this by the author and really glad I did. This is the end to the trilogy and bring this to a spectacular end.

Although I love history I did not know a great deal about Henry V11. The author has carried out his research so well and attention to detail throughout this book. The story is cleverly told by the leading character.

Some historical books can be really heavy to read and the reader struggles with facts and accounts, but this author writes so well and makes it an easy read for the reader.

At the end of the Wars of the Roses- Henry defeated Richard III at Bosworth and then married Elizabeth of York- the story continues on dealing with being king - and the troubles that went with that part of history. The author brought Henry to life and I found I wanted to know more.

Well recommended and an author I want to read more from.

Thank you for letting me review your work Tony.

Saturday, 8 July 2017

A great sunbed read

All At Sea

I was asked to review this by Librarything.com

This book was such fun to read and not a predictable story at all. There was drama, and families that I would relate to as my own - very dysfunctional and on a cruise too. There are the secrets, relationships either beginning or ended, as with all families there are lies and there is even a bit of crime thrown into the mix here also.

Who would not want to go on a Caribbean Christmas cruise - well some may not want to with their families you know it could be a disaster.

the author writes well and this is such an easy book to read, will be a great sunbed read on the beach this summer. 

Well recommended.  

Another great nover in the Sage series

Love Me: A Sage McGuire Romance

I was asked by the author to review this book- I have been lucky to review a number of her books.

This one was shorter than the others - this is book three of the Sage McGuire Romance series.

Things are as hectic as ever Sage is still with her narcotics cop- Carter. Her dead boss is appearing to her in her dreams - Mr Smithfield as he wants to beyond the grave give sage clues as to how he died. Sage then gets on to this and of course Carter wants her to keep safe and not get involved - she does not listen. - But this enables Carter and his colleagues to be involved. Sounds mad but it works.

Sage and Carter are good together and some of the pages of this book are rather steamy - but the author writes in a good way and does not make this to be seedy or disgusting.

the author writes well as produces really good stories- the characters keep developing.

Well recommended and a great sun bed read this summer.

Thank you for allowing me to read your books


I was asked to review this book by Librarything.com

I have to confess I did not know this author and I was in for a treat. this was fun and the characters really quirky. This was a real girly book. The characters are fun together and this is a feel good book.

13 years ago Ezra meets Donnya by she moves away with her parents. But as expected neither forgets each other then the characters in their 30s - Donnya is now managing a tea shop.

They meet up again and then the story moves forward.

This author writes well and tells good stories - a great sun bed read this  summer.

Ezra & Donnya Have Tea

Friday, 23 June 2017

the music shop

I was asked to review this by Lovereading.co.uk

beautiful book. So nostalgic although for me the late 80s seems like yesterday.

Frank with his record shop – remember these well and before CD and I pods. He is resisting CD and who would not as this was a dying age of the record. He can find music to suit the customer but what does Frank need then in walks Ilse Brauchmann then a story that the reader does not expect.

It portrays life then and is tinged with humour also

Lovely read and is due for publication July 2017 – so just in time for the great sun bed read expect a lot of sun tan cream on the pages and up there in the top ten shelf.

Monday, 5 June 2017

Total madness that works

Product Details

I was asked to review this book by Librarything.com. This is a comical book, a little far fetched in places but that is what makes this a chuckle to read.

A salesman selling underwear from a suitcase to a encounter with a woman whose car had broken down -who maybe not as she seems, to being on the run from Russian spies to terrorists. This woman appears to empower him in his business.

they lose touch but strangely they meet up and it all becomes total madness again.

The writer writes well and writes a mad story that works and keeps the reader enthralled to the end.

Well recommended.

Thursday, 1 June 2017


Ernie and the enchanted shoes (Ernie and the enchanted shoes #1)

I was asked to review this enchanting book by Librarything.

What a lovely story for children and one of those stories boy given an old pair of Arabian shoes - the ones with the curled up toes. Of course the child is going to think what a load of rubbish- but he was wrong and thus begins adventures with interesting people along the way. These encounters have a moralistic story to tell.

I loved the fact this had a good intriguing story, things are not always as they seem.