Monday, 19 February 2018

Beautiful find

The Fish Ladder

I was asked to review by Nudge

Gosh how did I miss this - been published for 3 years.

What a find, so beautifully written by an author whose life has had it's ups and downs to say the least.

She goes on a journey with her daughter to follow a river from sea to the source.

extraordinary memoir/travel/nature with poetry in into the mix. This is about discovering ones self, motherhood and family life written with emotion but also with the beauty of nature.

So many aspects are woven into this story , I particularly liked the Celtic anecdotes and her time in Scotland camping - I could imagine these darn midges.

The author is on a quest to find her birth mother - which readers will find very moving.

An absolute compelling read from beginning to end.

This is the author's first book - what a debut- cannot wait to see what she writes next.

Friday, 16 February 2018

fun, mystery and romance

Apple Pie to Die For

I am always pleased when an email drops into my mail box from Sharon Kleve. I always know I am in for a fun and romantic well written read.

This time its a fun mystery story- only just over 100 pages - great to read in afternoon.

Marjorie who runs a bakery famous for her apple pies is portrayed as sweet as her apples- but there is more to this there is a secret - we all love secrets - readers will have to read the story to find out.

She starts to go out with a guy called Anderson who is a medical examiner - interesting to find out how this relationship pans out if there is another book in the series.

There is espionage, jealousy, all sorts of goings on, romance and a secret all in the pie mix.

A really enjoyable book. Thank you Sharon for asking me to review.

Cannot wait for the next book, by a great author.

Friday, 9 February 2018


What an apt book for me to review, I was asked to review by Nudge Readers.

This was so needed - I am always chasing my tail- perhaps I am trying to full time work part time) that's another story)

How do I spend my time? jumping from one aspect to another - which can be quite normal I am a Quality Governance Manager in a very busy NHS.

Reading this book has made me think just how I do spend my time, how do I do busy ( martyr me, I am the only one here late at night (well I am in my team) other leave on time etc etc. my bucket is always over flowing.

I have always wanted to meditate - but when have I got time to meditate I eat lunch at my desk- but I do have time for my home emails etc ( I freelance too)

There are so many practice sections and I have found them invaluable - sorting out my mind, being positive, don't buy into worries such as losing your job- readers you may become more ineffective.

I did like the section What a Superhero am I ? this was me to a T at work - in the end all that happens is I get more stressed - part of this is identifying and doing something about it.

This is well written, well researched there is a good section for further reading and useful resources for support.

light hearted, practical so give this a go take the time and become calm and composed.

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Atmospheric the darker side of Victorian middle class

The Pharmacist's Wife

I was asked to review this by

Coming from Edinburgh - the fact this is set in Victorian Edinburgh Not only can I imagine the scenes, but it is an apt place to set this historical fiction story. When I walk in the dark streets I can sense the atmosphere of that time.

This has is addiction, Heroin (deadly in the wrong hands) female empowerment and male domination at a time if women had problems it was probably "hysteria" apparently in 1859 one physician (male) stated one quarter of women suffered from hysteria!!

Alexander opens a pharmacy in Edinburgh and claims that his wife will be cured with heroin - but this opens Pandora box and fighting to leave this man. This is a difficult time as woman had no rights and money was owned by the man.

This is a dark story, interesting as today we are a gasp at abusive men and what men will do for science and their own gains. it is about sexual obsession and vengeance

Well written and well researched by the author of The Looking Glass.

This is due for publication April 5th 2018. This will be up there in the top ten.

scary even after 25 years

SO Not Like The Advert!: A Year of Online Dating by [Stockbridge, Amber Jane]

I was asked to review this by

I have done the pre digital dating - newspaper ads - well that another story entirely.

I thought this book was funny and up to date a bit like twitter. Even although I went through this in the 90s- I could empathise and I was there too at some of those awful dates. This is real warts and all.

So If you are thinking of going through this read the book not all dates are a disaster and who knows you may meet your soul mate.

cute even in February

Farfel and Bob’s Christmas Catastrophe

I was asked to review this by

Sadly I am writing this up in February and Christmas is over now.

A short but cute read about two neighbouring cats and their adventures during Christmas , It is written from their perspective.
The illustrations were cute complimented the story well.

A lovely story book for kids- not too early to start the Christmas gifts.


Great debut novel

Serenade (The Nightmusic Trilogy #1)

I was asked to review this book by

What s great read - debut novel too. Got it all mystery, love, hatred and friendship.

The author has created good characters ,secrets, twists and turns, cliff hangers and melting moments.

Kaya father is rich, and does not want her out of his sight, grandfather wants to see her dead and under security- well what a life!

As secrets emerge the twists with come and turn. Enjoy this to the very end