Friday, 12 May 2017

A remarkable man

I enjoy reading about people who made a difference in the both world war and was really pleased to be asked to review this really interesting book by Nudge.

The book is so well written and gives a great account of Hugh "Boon" Trenchard and quite rightly has been described as " the father of the Royal Air Force" 

With a life expectancy being weeks in the Royal Air Force and the battle of Britain this man survived and carried on in retirement as a powerful influence.

Trenchard's story begins not as the reader would expect, as he actually failed his entrance exams to both the navy and army on several occasions, but as luck would have it he managed to join the Royal Flying Corps in 1912. Two years later the first world war commenced and he rose up the ranks.

I will leave it up to the reader to decide if they did feel Trenchards position led to the terrible cost of German civilian lives with the bombings in the second world war or the fall of Singapore and base defenses- one today has to remember we are well read on aspects in history but hindsight is a great thing.

A worthwhile read and next time I am near Whitehall - I will seek out his statue.

Long awaited and tumultuous read

A Column of Fire (The Kingsbridge Novels Book 3) by [Follett, Ken]

I was asked to review this by Nudge and was thrilled 28 years ago I read the first book - Pillars of the Earth on holiday and was blown away. 18 years later saw the author then bring out the long awaited World without End and 10 years later I am sitting here with the third instalment. The book although a long time coming is worth the wait. I was given one of a limited edition numbered book proof of 1240.

This is a spy story with Elizabeth the first reigning in the sixteenth century. As ever Ken Follett's attention to detail in his writing and historical research is second to none. This author is meticulous and this adds to the readers enjoyment of another epic novel.

In this period we are still in Kingsbridge and moved on from the black death and the hundred years war, the descendants are still living dramatic and harrowing lives. This time in the Elizabethan age religion, espionage and love on differing sides. We get entangled with the characters Ned and Margery love and being on differing sides of religion. Readers who know their history will know as the story progresses Mary Queen of Scots with her supporters trying ti rid Elizabeth from her throne and ultimately the demise of Mary. What Ken Follett does effortlessly is weave a wonderful story in and around with fact and fiction. This is the author's gift.

The story is as brutal as it is historical with characters the reader will recognise and some they will not, facts they will know and others they will not.

The book is divided into four parts which breaks this into manageable sections - it is a huge read of over 750 pages, but certainly worth the wait.

As the book ends the reader wonders whether there could be another book, on two continents.

I thank the author and Macmillan publishing for allowing me to review this book.

Friday, 5 May 2017

More antics from Sage

Kiss Me (A Sage McGuire Romance Book 2) by [Kleve, Sharon]

I was asked to review this by the author - this is book 2 - Chase Me was the first which I have previously reviewed and loved 

Cute and fun this the second of the Sage McGuire Romance Books.

This time the saga continues with Sage who is planning on leaving her post at Smithfield Laboratories and wants to start her own Private Investigation business- as ever the reader will be chuckling as they read this mad story things go wrong as predicted - that is certain- then there is Carter her boyfriend - a gorgeous policeman.

Will Sage get the business up and running? what will get in the way?

Sharon writes so well and her books are such fun- thank you for letting me read your second book. Loved it.


Beautiful Sorrows

I was asked to review by 

Touching collection of stories, beautiful and as the title suggest with sorrow. This will bring on some tears; you will reflect, be horrified and be cast a spell of magic too. It is a strange rollercoaster of emotions.
The writer writes well, and to pull this together is something of an art. There is just so much emotion in this short story book. 

A really talented author, I urge you to read this book.

A great story

The Last Truth

I was asked to review by
I have read a lot around the Second World War, and when it comes to fiction I am a little wary as to research of this period and the occupation of Holland. Jews were being rounded up and transported to the “camps” which was described well. I need not have worried this was research well and the story line kept me thinking.
This is a sequel to the Last Lie – I did read this first and recommend the readers to do so.
If readers are unaware of this period in history it takes them into this world of turmoil and horror with a great story which will grip the reader to the end.

Friday, 14 April 2017

Another Great Romance

Chase Me (A Sage McQuire Romance Book 1)

I was really please when the author asked me to review another of her great books.

I loved this book- it was cute and lots of fun. The character Sage knew her own mind, really stubborn, has the dream job but had a cuteness about her. then there is Sergeant Carter Morgan, when he meets Sage his life takes an unexpected turn.

He wants to protect her but things get out of hand- will he stand by her - they are good together and there is a cuteness to this romance.

hope there is more in this series and from an author I just love to read.


Ghost Touch

Asked to review this by Inspired by Kathy.
I was intrigued to read it but not really my thing. although this was rather a strange romance- the love triangle was even stranger.I could not really fathom out how the main character could be attracted to this skeletor  like character in appearance.

Do you believe in ghosts - no matter the main character has a barn full of them- her mother is dead and she is trying to rid herself of these ghosts, she then appears to fall for this ghost called Dex- confused - so is the main character.

Interesting concept but not really for me