Friday, 8 September 2017


The 36-Hour Day, sixth edition by Nancy L Mace

What was it like?

Describe the contents of the book (what the book is about, topics it covers, etc.). What does it cover well - what would you like to have seen more of - or is it perfect?

Is it detailed enough, or is it too in-depth? Which sections did you enjoy? How well written is it and how accessible?

This is a well written book for carers and loved ones in how to care for conditions such as Alzheimer's, dementia, memory loss and other conditions.

Although written for families in the States this is equally apt for the UK.  The book begins with exactly what dementia is ( you would expect a definition but not all books do this assuming the reader knows)

The suffers are people and there is a great deal that can be done to improve peoples lives and as a carer that is not always evident. The authors acknowledge that through the persons perceptions, melancholy, aggression, what at times feels like madness, and continually reminding them of what is to the carer “normality”. Carers feel there will be cure and through treatment there may be an improvement but for many there will never be a cure (certainly in their life time) So how does the carer manage, they need to be fit and well, eat nutritionally take exercise – but not to upset the person by shouting or pushing them into situations they do not want to do.

There is helpful suggestions such as placating the day so less is expected of them at a time when they may not be at their best.

I particularly liked the chapter on special arrangements if the family member is sick (we do all get sick) this has an impact on the person who becomes more confused – so planning is the key.

There is small real life case stories as well which helps the carer to know it happens to their people too and gives permission for life to go on with elements of humour.


What were the highlights? 

Written so practically that it covers all aspects and is the bible for family and friends, it is not patronising and condescending and the chapters are well set out and easy to read. If the reader wants to find a subject it is there and easy to find in the contents.

If the carer needs to seek further information again this is included.

The authors understand they are clinicians and have the experience.

Strengths & weaknesses:

This first and foremost empowers the carer, gives support and guidance when they need it most

Well researched and updated this is the 6th edition

Who should read it?

This is for carers and families, but equally should be on the reading list for nursing and medical students, every ward should have a copy nursing and clinicians can learn so much from this and ensure a high standard of care for these patients.

On the bog

The Toilet Papers: Places to Go, While you Go

I was asked to review this by

This made me chuckle - a stocking filler for the bloke at Christmas you do not know what to give.

This is essentially short stories for you to read on the bog, I do have books in my downstairs loo and would have this book to add to the collection.

Readers you do need to reads these on the bog, you will undoubtedly be in there for longer , it passes the time and the stories are really fun and engaging.

I am not sure if readers will enjoy these stories in a different setting

Go on give it a go.

A new slant on reflection

Reflective Practice Transforming Education and Improving Outc... by Gwen Sherwood

What was it like?

This is a new version of the reflective practice, as nurses we are all familiar with, but this has been revised and contains a great deal more which is apt for personal lives too.

There are five sections to enable the reader to work through this topic

1.    Reflective practice in three chapters

3.    Practice learning

4.    To enable the reader to lay deeper foundations of professionalism

5.    To explore future perspectives on reflective practice and challenges educators and learners to further expand their capacity for deep learning through incorporation of other theories.

This is much wider than my experience of reflective practice and experience recently whilst revalidating my Nursing Registration with the NMC.

This enables the nurse to look at their practice as a whole and working practices on a daily basis rather than one off reflections.

What were the highlights? 

The chapters are well set out and easy for the reader to read and understand. The references are up to date and also contain reference to authors  such as Shon and Benner that shaped my nursing career.

The authors have acknowledged the importance of quality and safety which I was impressed with- Staff struggle with governance and patient safety and find it difficult to incorporate into their daily clinical tasks seeing this often as and add on, and not being able to understand it is all part of caring for the patient. In an age of litigation and duty of candour staff are all too often frightened they wll harm a patient. The book gives advice to to the reader in what they should achive and what circumstances they are faced with and to develop skills that will enable them to practice as they should following guidelines and policies.

Strengths & weaknesses:

There were no weaknesses this book is written for practitioners in the States but is equally apt for the UK healthcare setting.

Who should read it?

This is a text book for all levels of nursing staff junior and senior. This will pave the way for new nurses and enable more snior nurses to revalidate their registrations and continually reflect and learn in practice. A book for all clinical areas book shelves.

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Beautiful story written from the heart.

I had wanted to review this for a long time and I found this is in an National Trust second hand book shop 

This was written with tact, taste and in a different time. 

The reader is saddened to think that the royal nanny was shunned by the royal family. I do believe she thought she was writing this with permission- why do I think that- during the war and the threat of invasion it is widely know that Elizabeth and Margaret lived at Windsor and there are some accounts that after a day in the East End - the king and Queen stayed at Windsor also- they would have wanted to be together if they needed to make a quick getaway. 

The reader gains insight into the lives- but only just and written with a cosiness and professionalism- this was not intended to give away secrets or show the royal family in a different light- this was a member of staff who loved the family and I believed they did too, even Queen Mary confided in the nanny.

It is a beautiful book and looking at this now knowing of kiss and tell stories, royal family members airing their laundry in public, this has innocence  written all over it.

Why this back fired on the nanny one will probably never know, and why she was so cruelly shunned.

The irony was on her death, she sent back all the letters she received - showing a devotion to the end.

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

A poweful ending to a great trilogy

Henry - Book Three of the Tudor Trilogy

I was asked to read this by the author and really glad I did. This is the end to the trilogy and bring this to a spectacular end.

Although I love history I did not know a great deal about Henry V11. The author has carried out his research so well and attention to detail throughout this book. The story is cleverly told by the leading character.

Some historical books can be really heavy to read and the reader struggles with facts and accounts, but this author writes so well and makes it an easy read for the reader.

At the end of the Wars of the Roses- Henry defeated Richard III at Bosworth and then married Elizabeth of York- the story continues on dealing with being king - and the troubles that went with that part of history. The author brought Henry to life and I found I wanted to know more.

Well recommended and an author I want to read more from.

Thank you for letting me review your work Tony.

Saturday, 8 July 2017

A great sunbed read

All At Sea

I was asked to review this by

This book was such fun to read and not a predictable story at all. There was drama, and families that I would relate to as my own - very dysfunctional and on a cruise too. There are the secrets, relationships either beginning or ended, as with all families there are lies and there is even a bit of crime thrown into the mix here also.

Who would not want to go on a Caribbean Christmas cruise - well some may not want to with their families you know it could be a disaster.

the author writes well and this is such an easy book to read, will be a great sunbed read on the beach this summer. 

Well recommended.  

Another great nover in the Sage series

Love Me: A Sage McGuire Romance

I was asked by the author to review this book- I have been lucky to review a number of her books.

This one was shorter than the others - this is book three of the Sage McGuire Romance series.

Things are as hectic as ever Sage is still with her narcotics cop- Carter. Her dead boss is appearing to her in her dreams - Mr Smithfield as he wants to beyond the grave give sage clues as to how he died. Sage then gets on to this and of course Carter wants her to keep safe and not get involved - she does not listen. - But this enables Carter and his colleagues to be involved. Sounds mad but it works.

Sage and Carter are good together and some of the pages of this book are rather steamy - but the author writes in a good way and does not make this to be seedy or disgusting.

the author writes well as produces really good stories- the characters keep developing.

Well recommended and a great sun bed read this summer.

Thank you for allowing me to read your books