Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Cute and not too scary

. Tovi the Penguin Goes Trick-or-Treating

Really glad to be asked by the author to review this cute book. I have been fortunate to review a Tovi the Penguin and just love these books.

Just came at the right time as we are getting ready and in the mood for Halloween.

It is cute well written- a joy to read. I can picture children with Halloween costumes saying reads it to me again.

The illustrations are really good and children can see lots in these pictures and it is Halloween without it being gruesome and too scary for little ones.

Basically about finding a pumpkin for a lantern

Not just for Halloween

Loved it.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Another great book by the king of twists

Fault Line

I have just got round to reviewing this book- what can I say Robert Goddard pulls it out of the bag every time.

I ensure for every holiday I have a Robert Goddard with me.

He is the king of twists, turns and intrigue.

This book I read in a day you cannot put his books down. Jonathan Kellaway,  has what he thinks is his farewell chat with his boss and then to go to retirement after serving his long career with a multi-national company. But there is just one think to do  is to source some missing documents to enable a doctor of  historian who for some reason is writing the company history.

As ever never straight forward taking him from Cornwall to Italy, storyline jumps back and forward through a timeline between the late 1960s, 1984, and 2010.

He has to confront lost loves, relationship with the wren family, murders- questions and answers later in the story, just when the reader thinks they are making headway another twist is thrown into the mix. The author gives the reader as much information and sometimes a little more - the reader needs to have a good memory and this is drip fed.

The ending - the reader and the main character are left with questions and for the reader to make their own mind up.

I can never wait for the next book.

Thursday, 12 October 2017


Smoke City

I was asked to review this by Meerkat Press.

Wow what a whacky book, loved it - a story about life and death- Mike driving to his ex wife funeral picks up Marvin who has lost his record business but aside from that he has weird idea that he had another life and that he thinks he was the executioner who was responsible for burning Saint Joan of Arc- how weird then find her spirit in a woman in LA - yes the same place Mike Ex wife funeral is taking place.

Both men have problems/issues and both are on the road together.

Well written and great for the reader who wants to read something out of the ordinary with this supernatural theme running through it.

Sounds weird -is weird but strangely an enjoyable read.

Christmas romance and sparkle

I was asked to review this by the author.

Beautifully written and yet again Sharon Kleve gives the reader a heart-warming romance and what better at Christmas.

A year after  Confectioner Evies parents have died tragically just before Christmas. With an ex cheating boyfriend- her friend suggests she gets a pet from Shelter. She meets Nick a lovely Vet and Brewster the dog.

Can Evie enjoy Christmas again after so much heartbreak and tragedy- it does all end well.

Beautifully written heart-warming, with real characters, friends, cute dog, love and the magic and sparkle of Christmas.

Fans of Sharon Kleve will love this short story and new readers snuggle down in the holidays and enjoy.

Great stocking filler present too - never too early to start shopping.

Thank you Sharon for asking me to review this

Happy Holidays.

A lovely Novella

The Pirate Bride's Holiday Masquerade

I was asked to review this by Librarything.com

This sequel had it all, romance, steaminess, fun, Christmas (even though I read this in October), swashbuckling pirates and the odd tear along the way.

This is the sequel to "The Pirates Bride" although the reader does not have to have read this -it does aid the reader with the characters.

It is sometime since we read about the main characters -Sophie and Andre who are very much in love, after a somewhat complicated relationship- readers they are now married.

Christmas is fast approaching and it looks like they will spend the festive period on the "Jade Princess" but Sophie wants to spend this on land rather than at sea- the reasons are apparent at the end of the story.

A lovely gentle read with a bit of history thrown into the mix.

An ideal stocking filler when you just want something light to read over the Christmas break, with a Gingerbread latte and Christmas pyjamas.

Thank you Librarything and Cathy Skendrovich for letting me review this book.

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

What a great great

Letters to the Pianist by S.D. Mayes

I was really lucky to be asked to review this book by Librarything.com.

Setting is 1940s London and the blitz. Two daughters survive Hitler's bombing of their home- parents are buried in the rubble - presumed dead. Their father a pianist survives unbeknown to the daughters - but has had amnesia.

Years later one of the daughters thinks she recognises him in a newspaper and thus a story of dark secrets, I could not put this down.

The author has researched this part of history well and other aspects of World War II. The author writes in an atmospheric way and the reader becomes entangled in this story.

family, conspiracy and people changed by the devastation of war just part of the web weaved by the author.

The book takes the reader on a journey that gets murkier as the story moves on.

Well recommended, well written and an author to look out for.

Will be up there in the ten best sellers for Christmas 2017.

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Christmas treats from Five great authors

Christmas Recipes From Five of Your Favorite Authors by [Kleve, Sharon, Conner, Jennifer, Ford, Angela, Chambers, Jennifer, Medler, Ella]

I checked my emails last night and there was an mail from Sharon Kleve asking if I would review this amazing Christmas recipe book from five really great authors. These authors are not chefs but novelists so this really was exciting for me and as the days get colder we start to plan Christmas.

These are really different recipes - I find myself groaning when the cookery magazines come out at Christmas- I hear myself shouting there are only so many ways to cook sprouts, it is only a Sunday roast we have seen it all before- in this you haven't

I would recommend this as a gift, stocking filler or to treat yourself reader this Christmas.

There are recipes for everyone here -vegan, gluten free etc.

All kept jumping out at me all kept telling me new slant on Christmas all were from the authors own recipes.

A great alternative to the predictable turkey Pork roulade easy to make and sounds yummy, I always make pickles and keep for the festive period, here there was Garlic dill pickles sounds great with cold cuts and left over turkey. We normally have Christmas morning smoked salmon and scrambled eggs - here is difference frittata.

How about reindeer kisses drink- wow marshmallow infused vodka to name one of the ingredients.

instead of buying snacks that are processed and expensive - check out spicy cashews easy to make in advance and store in a tin easy peasy.

the book is jam packed with different recipes that will wow your family and friends.

This is a must for a great book gift this Christmas. Love it.

Thank you Sharon Kleve for the email and giving me the chance to review, give me great different Christmas recipes to wow the family and a great gift ideas.